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Jillian Honorof is a Southern California-based composer and musician whose main interest is blending classical music from the Western tradition with international influences. Jillian composed her first film score her sophomore year of high school at Idyllwild Arts Academy. This inspired her to pursue musical composition and film scoring at Cornish College of the Arts, where she graduated summa cum laude. Jillian also holds a Master’s degree in Music from Boston University.


Jillian has studied composition with Peter Askim, Janis Giteck, Jarrad Powell, Denis Segond, and Amy Rubin. While at Cornish, she interned with Emmy Award-winning film composer Hummie Mann and credits this work with Mr. Mann as cementing her passion for composing music that expresses the subtlety of feeling and emotion while supporting a visual story.


With extensive experience orchestrating for various ensembles, including non-Western instrumentations and tonal centers, Jillian has composed music for film, dance, and various instrumental ensemble. Her music has been performed by a variety of artists,  including the duo Femme Fuoco, the St. Helens string quartets, and the Esoteric. Jillian loves the challenge of creating music for another art medium. She believes that true creativity cannot happen in a vacuum—it must be a collaborative process approached flexibility and humor.

Jillian also helps shape music education and has directed and chaired many music programs at independent high schools across the West. She believes that music is as important to a well-rounded education as science or math and actively teaches with that in mind.

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